Panggung Seni Tradisional (PST) is an authentic and classic Malaysian Traditional Arts performance medium, held on a schedule in Kuala Lumpur since 2013 until now. Starting in 2019, the implementation of this program has been expanded to the state level through JKKN Negeri. Traditional Art Performances include three (3) genres of art namely Dance, Music and Theatre. In principle, the implementation of this programme is to measure of conservation and maintenance of heritage art and dignifying this art to a more outstanding level. In addition, it aims to make Kuala Lumpur and every state a hub for traditional arts performances and then elevate this programme as a tourism product. In addition, it also aims to foster interest and love of national heritage art among the community as well as foreign and local tourists..

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The beauty of the cultural and traditional arts of Malaysia's diverse society is expressed through five (5) performances rich in aesthetic value in the Traditional Art Showcase 2023 or PST2023. It Is not just a 'one-way' performance but a two-pronged way for a group or cultural arts associations to learn the implementation of a production for a performance.

After 10 years of the PST presentation from 2013, this time PST2023 features the work of five (5) groups consisting of GENIUS Seni Tari with MYBUDAYA which will bring "Tarinspirasi Dendang Rakyat"; Angika Fine Arts with "Tala Natyam-The Dance Journey"; "Silk Road" by the Malaysian Chinese Cultural Society (MCCS); Persatuan Seni dan Budaya Era Baru (MANES) with the title "Kembara Boria – Satu Perjalanan"; as well as "Nong Sakti" by the Persatuan Selampit Seni Negeri Terengganu. It is coincides with JKKN's Strategic Thrust to enhance the accessibility of arts and cultural services to the community for the well-being of the people.

This great performance presented by PST2023 will find a live audience at Tunku Abdul Rahman Hall, Malaysia Tourism Centre or MaTiC on:

10 & 11 March 2023 : "Tarinspirasi Dendang Rakyat"
- Folk Dance Variety

26 & 27 May 2023 : "Tala Natyam - The Dance Journey"
- Indian Traditional Dance

24 & 25 June 2023 : "Silk Road"
- Traditional Chinese Music and Dance

22 & 23 July 2023 : "Kembara Boria - Satu Perjalanan"
- Boria Traditional Theatre

4 & 5 August 2023 : "Nong Sakti"
- Traditional Theatre Saba’