Introduction to KK JKKN

The National Department of Culture and Arts, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture are cultural groups that provide cultural performances in Malaysia and Internationally. It is also known as professional, trained and excellent group in exalting arts and culture in Malaysia

  • The JKKN Cultural Group is a unit under the JKKN Artistic and Production Development Division. The JKKN Cultural Group are also often invited to participate in art festivals for the purpose of promoting culture and heritage at the domestic as well as the International level. JKK Cultural artists are the nation's cultural ambassadors who directly promote and preserve the nation's art and culture through events in various stages.
  • The advantages and skills of the JKKN Cultural Artists have brought dynamic changes in the Malaysian arts and cultural heritage world. The delivery through education either directly or indirectly by the JKKN Cultural Artists has long been accepted as the pillar of the new century economic development because which serves as the catalyst for a knowledgeable and noble society.
  • Apart from being responsible for organizing cultural performances, the B29 and B19 Cultural Artist's expert services have been considered as referral specialists, especially for arts and culture preservation programmes which have almost become extinct in this country.

Objectives Of The Formation Of Jkkn Cultural Group

  • To create a quality, stylish and excellent cultural group.
  • To provide successors to implement and popularize cultural arts.
  • To assist in promoting the country through the activities of cultural arts domestically and internationally. (National Art Products Ambassador)
  • To assist JKKN in creating quality and aesthetically high value works in the efforts of exalting the nation’s cultural arts to global level.

Production & Artistic Development Division
Headquarters, National Department for Culture and Arts
Level 30, TH Perdana Tower
Lot 1001, Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone No : 03-2614 8200
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