Mohamd Raizuli bin Mat Jusoh
National Department For Culture And Arts, Selangor,

Tingkat 6, Menara Korporat,
Kompleks IDCC Shah Alam, 
Jalan Pahat L 15/L, Seksyen 15
40200 Shah Alam

Tel : 03- 5543 1654
Fax : 03-5543 1548


The National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN) was officially established on 15 March 2005 through Warrant of Appointment No. S/20 dated 22 March 2005. However, JKKN existence in reality started since 1953 where during the time it was a division under the Ministry of Social Welfare known as Cultural Affairs Division. The function of this division at the time was to coordinate cultural affairs to cater youth activities.

In 1964, the Cultural Affairs Division was placed under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. While in 1972, it was placed under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (KBS) with the division name changed to Cultural Division.

In May 1987, the government established the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the result of the combination of Cultural Division from Ministry of Cultural, Youth and Sport with Malaysian Tourism which was previously an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. On 22 October 1990, this Ministry was later named the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism in line with the importance of its role and functions at the time.

The New Cabinet Formation by YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia on 27 March 2004 have placed Cultural Division as part of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage (KEKWA). It was also in 2004 the proposal paper on the establishment of a department for culture was submitted by the Cultural Department for consideration by the government.

In March 2005, through Warrant of Appointment No. S/20, the Cultural Division was approved to be upgraded to National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN). While through Warrant of Appointment No. S40 dated 1 February 2007, the creation of another new division in JKKN which is the Planning, Research and Development Division to enable JKKN to function better in arts and culture planning and research matters.

On 18 March 2008, JKKN changed purview and placed under the Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage (KPKKW). In April 2009, JKKN was under the purview of the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture (KPKK). For four years under KPKK, JKKN was again relocated and placed under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture again on 16 May 2013 until present.

  • To implement research and development, documentation and publishing, cultural arts coaching, skilled human capital development in cultural arts field, expanding cultural arts, enhancing cultural arts, artistic and production development, and cultural arts promotional programmes;
  • Building effective networking between cultural arts industry players, Government agencies, Private sectors, Non-Government Organizations and cultural arts activists locally and internationally;
  • Providing platform for arts activists involved in economic field through cultural arts activities;
  • Strengthening cultural and arts activities that are appropriate to become domestic and international tourist attractions; AND
  • Optimizing States JKKN organizational functions.
  • Cultural Arts Resource Centre
  • Department Arts Group (KKJ)
  • Excellent Arts Guidance Group (KBSC)
  • National Cultural Arts Coach (JSBN)
  • Arts Incentive
  • Cultural Arts NGOs
  • Cultural Arts Activists
  • Cultural Arts Gallery

        • Theatre Festival
        • Dance Festival
        • Traditional Games
        • Mysenibudaya Programme:  

        • National Cultural Arts Coaching Programme 
        • Cultural Arts Guidance Programme (KTB/KGB)
        • Excellent Arts Guidance Group (KBSC)
        • Let’s Learn Programmes
        • Coaching Advisory Service 

        • Arts On Wheels (Mobile Stage) Programme
        • Technical and Artistic Advisory Services
        • Citra (Images) of Malaysia Programme (Morning Exercise and Colours of Malaysia) 

        • Enlivening Noble Values Programme: Cultural Lectures
           Cultural Aids
        • Arts Activists and NGOs Advisory Services 
        • Cultural Arts Research Programme
        • Apprenticeship Programme
        • Cultural Mapping
        • Traditional Arts Theatre (PST)

        • Cultural Arts Data Collection
        • Malaysian Skills Certification (SKM) / Previous Achievements Recognition (PPT)
        • Engagement Session 
        • Sales and Marketing of JKKN’s Publication Materials
        • Video Recording and Still Pictures Materials Collection
        • Dissemination of Resource Centre’s Information
        • Collection of Binding Materials
        • Lending Book  
  • Toilet
  • Paid Car Park Area
  • Prayer Building
  • Shah Alam State Mosque
  • Alam Sentral Plaza, Shah Alam
  • SACC Mall Plaza, Shah Alam
  • Maybank Berhad Shah Alam Branch, Islamic Bank, CIMB and Affin Bank
  • Shah Alam Museum (PADAT)
  • Tourism Selangor Office
  • Selangor State Government Offices 
  • Outside visitors can use buses (Selangor Ku) when going to Shah Alam by taking ride on the Malayan Railways (KTM) coaches, where the train station is situated in Section 19, while the buses (Selangor Ku) have bus stops along the route near Complex (MBSA) and visitors can board the bus until Section 7 Shah Alam where there is a commercial centre of Shah Alam. For information, the Selangor State Buses (Selangor Ku) does not charge any fares, and it is free ride for all people in Selangor Darul Ehsan..

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