• What is JKKN ?
    JKKN is the acronym for National Department for Culture and Arts, an agency under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, responsible in implementing and promoting arts and cultural activities in Malaysia.
  • What are the functions of JKKN ?
    JKKN is a government department responsible for : 
    • Preserving arts and culture of the Malaysian people
    • Enhancing arts and culture in Malaysian society
    • Promoting arts and cultural products through various mediums
    • Providing and improving cultural arts infrastructure for the benefit of cultural arts players and activists
    • Carrying out research on new cultural arts products.
  • Who can I contact for further information?
    For further information regarding JKKN, you can contact 03-2614 8200.
  • Where can I find information regarding JKKN programmes and activities?
    You can follow JKKN official social media (JKKN Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, mysenibudaya YouTube channel and also Telegram)
  • Where can I get information related to cultural arts in Malaysia?
    You can visit Cultural Mapping through this link at https://pemetaanbudaya.my/
  • What are the procedures to obtain the Dancercise CD?
    The Dancercise CD can be ordered or purchased directly from JKKN Headquarters or at Cultural Arts Resources Centre at Level 30, Lot 1001, TH Perdana Tower, Kuala Lumpur. 
  • What are the procedures to acquire JKKN books or CDs?
    Books and CDs produced by JKKN can be ordered or purchased directly from JKKN Headquarters either from Cultural Arts Resources Centre or Publication and Documentations located at Level 30, Lot 1001, TH Perdana Tower, Kuala Lumpur. 
  • What are the procedures to become a National Coach of Culture and Arts (JSBN)?
    Those interested in becoming National Coaches of Culture and Arts (JSBN) can go directly to any JKKN office in respective State to register. 
  • How to participate in JSBN courses?
    Application can be made through State JKKN where the candidate is located. 
  • What are the arts field in JSBN courses offered by the National Department for Culture and Arts?
    The followings are the fields offered:
    Dance, Music, Theatre, Top Spinning, Silat and Linguistic Art

  • What is the process of certifying a JSBN?
    Candidate will be certified as a JSBN after undergoing the JSBN course organized by JKKN Headquarters and passes the coaching assessment tests in respective fields.  
  • What are the learning modules provided during the course?
    The learning modules provided according to fields. There are 3 types of modules provided which are:
    • Module for level I, II, III and IV
    • Module for Excellence in Arts Year 1 and 2
    • Module for Cultural Arts Coaching Centre (2 Months, 4 months and 6 months) 
  • After completing the course, how to check the results?
    Candidates can check their results at JKKN website
    Candidates are advised to frequently visit JKKN website to get the latest information. 
  • What is Malaysian Skills Certification (SKM) Recognition of Prior Achievements (PPT) for Cultural Arts field?
    The SKM-PPT is a Recognition for Cultural Arts Industry Activists for expertise and skill they possessed based on the experience and works they have done with the awarding of Malaysia Skills Certificates by the Department of Skills Development (JPK), Ministry of Human Resource. 
  • How to apply for the SKM PPT in Cultural Arts field?
    Application can be made through www.myspike.my based on the SKM-PPT application methods attached thereto. 
  • How does the Cultural Arts Entrepreneur Association (PUSM) help you?
    As a Cultural Arts Entrepreneur, PUSM will provide coaching for registered entrepreneurs under the Association to increase growth and empower minds and business knowledge of cultural arts entrepreneurs through the association’s marketing networks. 
  •  How can I get information and activities of apprenticeship group?
    Apprenticeship information and activities can be obtained from the fan page at https://www.facebook.com/Perantisan-Seni-Budaya-107533484313491
  • Can I invite the apprenticeship group to do a performance and how can I do it?
    Yes. You can send invitation through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A token payment is imposed and payments can be made directly to the selected apprenticeship group. 
  • How to participate in the Apprenticeship Programme?
    Any inquiries and registration of Cultural Arts Apprenticeship can be submitted through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. However, participation is limited and subject to availability. 
  • How to obtain Incentive assistance from JKKN for implementing activities/programmes?
    Visit JKKN official Website to get information regarding JKKN Arts Incentive.
  • Conditions of application for JKKN Financial Incentive assistance. ?
    Periodical programme planning for at least Three (3) consecutive years is required. For example; Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 of Workshop/Research
  • Maximum limit of assistance that can be applied?
    The limit amount of Financial Incentive is MYR15,000.00 only for implementation of each Phase of activity.
  • Who is eligible to apply and receive this assistance?
    Cultural Art NGOs with valid association registration on the date of application.
  • Other than financial assistance, what are the other forms of assistance offered by JKKN to associations?
    • Space Arts Incentive
    • Expertise Arts Incentive
    • Promotions Arts Incentive
    • Facilitating Assistance from Other Parties
  • What are the procedures for collaborative application to use JKKN Auditorium?
    • Download the Incentive Form from JKKN official website.
    • Completed form should be submitted to State JKKN nearest to the location of the applicant to obtain comments and suggestions from State JKKN Director before State JKKN extend the application to JKKN Headquarters.
  • Will JKKN issue any form of certificates to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) which are registered with JKKN?
    JKKN does not issue any certificates to NGOs registered with JKKN.
  • We are a newly formed group that has yet to register. Do we need to register with JKKN to obtain the association’s certificate to enable us to carry out cultural arts activities?
    Your group need to register with the Malaysian Registrar of Societies (ROS) to obtain a valid association certificate to carry out cultural arts activities. 
  • Do Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) need to register with JKKN to apply for financial assistance?
    NGOs need to register with the Registrar of Societies (JPPM/ROS) prior to applying for financial assistance from JKKN. 
  • Who is eligible to register as Arts Activist under JKKN?
    Individual Arts Activists with experience in arts field they are in for at least Five (5) years and above.
  • How to register as Arts Activist?
    Visit JKKN official Website to get further related information.
  • If the Arts Activist is involved in an accident or death. Can the Arts Activist or his/her representative apply for assistance from JKKN?
    He/She can apply through JKKN for Arts Activists Welfare Fund (TKPS) under the Arts Activists Welfare Trust Funds Committee (JKWAKKPS), Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture. 
  • Who is eligible to register as JKKN Cultural Volunteer?
    Civil and private sector employees, Non-Governmental Organizations, Upper Secondary Students (Form 6), Students of Government and Private Institute of Higher Learning, multi-racial Individuals/General Public.
  •  How to register as JKKN Cultural Volunteer?
    Visit JKKN official Website
  • What are the benefits of becoming JKKN Cultural volunteer?
    Able to participate in cultural arts programmes and develop the spirit of culture volunteerism among volunteers in enhancing the development of cultural and arts activities.
  • Will Cultural Volunteers be rewarded?
    • Cultural Volunteers will receive Certificate of Appreciation for participating in the programmes organized.
    • Food and Drinks will be provided throughout the programme.
  • What are the tasks/roles of Cultural Volunteer?
    • Volunteers will be given tasks according to the suitability of venue/programme organized or according to their respective expertise.
    • Task/Role of ‘cultural volunteer’ does not only focus on a particular field but more towards overall. ‘Cultural Volunteer” should be more of a ‘multi-tasker’ in nature. For example, ‘cultural volunteer’ does not only focus on works behind the stage but able to be involved as a frontline for the department’s programmes/activities.