KUALA LUMPUR: Superman in kain sarong. This was one of the unique attractions at the Malaysian Games Festival at Dataran Merdeka here.

Visitors, especially children, were excited to see a superhero character dressed up in a traditional attire, along with the iconic costume.

For Farabi Zawali, 33, wearing the Superman costume with the kain sarong at the festival was nothing to be ashamed of.

He said it was part of efforts to promote the country's traditional clothing such as the kain sarong and tanjak (headgear), with the costume of the world's famous superhero character.

"Many visitors took turns to take a selfie with me. Probably they had never seen Superman wearing a sarong.

"Prior to this, I had donned superhero costumes at several programmes. I came upon this idea after observing many traditional outfits.

"It looks a bit out of this world - wearing a sarong and tanjak with Superman costume - but it's all part of the act," he said.

Farabi said for the past four years, he has been promoting cosplay through his company Kapoww Entertainment, and had received good response from the public.

He and two other friends took part in the festival and were excited to be able to showcase traditional costumes to the crowd.

The Festival, which began on Saturday, was also attended by Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Muhammad Bakhtiar Wan Chik, and Culture and Arts Department director-general Tan Sri Norliza Rofli.