1. Contribution and dissemination of any banned information and negative materials which are against government policies are prohibited.
  2. Dissemination of any information that contain political, racial, threat or negative elements that may jeopardize the reputation of JKKN or the Public Service are prohibited.
  3. Visitors who want to use facilities such as forums are required to register for security measures in order to avoid undesirable incidence.
  4. Visitors must ensure that  files sent through attachments are free of viruses.
  5. Visitors are fully responsible for information provided to the JKKN portal.
  6. All information to be uploaded to the JKKN portal must get approval from the Heads of Division/Department.
  7. Websites of government and private agencies that required a link to the JKKN portal must get approval from the Head of Department.
  8. Breaking or hacking attempts into the JKKN portal are prohibited.