Arts GENIUS Programme (2010 until present)

Arts GENIUS Programme was designed for highly potential and talented children in arts. They are provided with exposure and training for their potential, abilities and talent to grow to a higher level. Ages between 7 to 12 years (Choir and Dance) and 7 to 14 (Music).

Teenagers Arts GENIUS Programme (Since 2015)

Teenagers Arts GENIUS Programme is an expansion of the existing Arts GENIUS Programme. The involvement of Arts GENIUS children to teenage level ages between 13 to 17 years (Choir & Dance) and 15 to 18 years (Music). Emphasis on balanced talent skills aspect and will receive recognition through Malaysian Skills Certificate.


  • The Cabinet Minister Meeting decision dated 29 July 2009 related to the Implementation of Art PERMATA Programme.
  • Based on the decision of PERMATA Programme Coordination Working Committee Meeting Nos.1/Year 2013 dated 22 October 2013 for the Enhancement of Youth Arts PERMATA Programme
  • Terms of Reference (TOR) signed between PERMATA Section and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia on 29 October 2015.
  • The Cabinet Minister on 7 December 2018 has agreed to transfer the PERMATA Programme from the Prime Minister Department (JPM) to the Ministry of Education (MOE) with immediate effect. This transfer is done by lock, stock, and barrel including all PERMATA Programmes. In line with this decision, the PERMATA Section functions are taken over fully by MOE.
  • The Cabinet Ministers Meeting on 5 April 2019 has agreed to the rebranding of PERMATA Programme to GENIUS Programme.


To create talented and excellent human capital in cultural arts field and strong self-identity


  • To enlighten Malaysian children generation to mature in arts to activate their right and left brain thinking capacities and increasing their level of confidence.
  • To polish talents in arts among local children to the level of greater excellence
  • To empower children’s identity and personality through cultural and arts group activities
  • To produce quality human capital which is able to contribute to the nation’s growth positively in long term. .


  • To provide space and opportunity in arts learning in a more conducive environment to sculpture participant’s talent to the level of greater excellence.
  • To enhance participant’s arts skills through periodical activities and training
  • To provide exposure for the participant about style and ethics in art performances
  • To enrich participant’s knowledge regarding cultural and arts diversity of multi-racial society in Malaysia and other countries; and
  • To create harmony and strengthening racial unity starting from children through cultural and arts activities.


  • Aged 7 to 10
  • Talented in singing
  • Priority given to those who can read musical notes
  • Malaysian Citizen
  • Self-confident
  • Able to dance
  • Good academic achievements
  • Passed the auditions.


  • Aged 7 to 10
  • Height between 3 feet to 3.5 feet
  • Weight not exceeding 35 kg
  • Malaysian Citizen
  • Excellent talent in traditional dance and contemporary dance.
  • Good academic achievements
  • Passed the auditions


  • Aged 7 to 17 years old
  • Malaysian Citizen
  • Minimum Grade 5 (ABRSM or equivalent)
  • Ability to play stringed instruments ((strings) like violin, viola, cello dan double bass
  • Can read music notation instantly
  • Has talent in the field of music art
  • Pass in the audition session

Cultural Arts Coaching Section
National Department for Culture and Arts
Level 26, TH Perdana Tower
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone   : 03 -26148200 ext.8289
Email          : geniussenijkkn[at]

For more information about Art Genius, can contact Genius Section, Ministry of Education (MOE). Click here